Hatchimals And NES Nintendo Classic Available Tomorrow

Hatchimals And NES Nintendo Classic Hitting Store Shelves December 4th Nationwide



How To Find This Years Most Sought After Toys – Hatchimals and NES Nintendo Classic… According  the Palm Beach Post these “Hottest Toys” can be found at Toys R Us Sunday December 4th with stores opening at 8 am .

“All stores nationwide will have a new shipment of Hatchimals and the NES Nintendo Classic edition in stores this Sunday, December 4,” a company representative said in an email to The Palm Beach Post. It is not clear how many each store will receive of both items.

The two toys have been difficult to find in stores and re-sellers have marked these items up drastically to profit off the popularity and demand. Now here’s a chance at scoring one before Christmas. On SpinMaster.com The banner ad says “More Hatchimals Are Coming! Check Back Soon”. There have been rumors these items will be available at Target and Walmart stores as well.

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